Thanks be to Adam

Adam_neateIf you were out and about between dusk last Friday and dawn on the Saturday morning, you might well have noticed some folk scouring the streets with a hungry look in their eye. Or perhaps you caught sight of the source of that look, one of the 1,000 screenprints that Adam Neate (and his teams of helpers) had distributed around London during the evening, creating his London Show. Each print featured the same image, in a range of colours, and hand-finished with stamps and staples.

Neate used to give away all his art like this, back before he became a big name on the street art scene – though back then he'd manage maybe a thousand pieces in a year, rather than the same number in just one night.

The prints were dropped all across the city, sealed in polythene to stop them getting soaked (though in the event the weather stayed fairly dry). Alistair took a ride round Lambeth in the insanely early hours of Saturday morning to look for one and within minutes of hitting the streets he spotted a girl running gleefuly back to a waiting car with a print in her hands. An hour of hunting later he bagged the print above, finding it face down in Brixton's skatepark.

The prints are already showing up on Ebay, though Adam Neate says he's cool with this. There are 22 available on there at the time of writing, and they're going for up to £640 at the moment, which is a nice little Christmas present for the folks who found prints. This chap found nine of them, which is either highly resourceful or a tad greedy depending on your standpoint. 

Read more about it all in this Independent article.

We're wondering how many of the thousand were found, how many were binned by cleaners, and how many are still out there… Anyway, we think it's a great way of spreading some goodness; and wanted to say a big thank-you to Mr Neate.