Be seeing you

Patrick McGoohan, actor, writer and director, died on Wednesday.
He's best known for his incredible work on the series The Prisoner, one of the truly great TV shows from the 60s (if you've not seen the show, go get the boxset - it really is staggeringly good). 

We only posted the clip above recently, but it seems fitting to give it another airing today.

Read McGoohan's obituary from The Guardian.
  • Clint

    I know that the wmt blog is not an obituary blog (oblog? sounds too much like you have a cold …) but we also lost Tony Hart this week – he died, as opposed to we left him somewhere safe and can’t quite remember.
    Anyway, he was’nt a typophile, or a great designer designer but he may well have been my first introduction to art, and morph …