Nature’s Great Events


It's not often in life that you get to use the phrase 'awe-struck' with any kind of real meaning. But heck, Nature's Great Events, currently running on BBC1, seems to be determined to change that. Repeatedly.

The series is just mind-blowingly good. Every episode manages to show us something we've never seen before – be it beautiful, inspiring, heart-warming or tragic, this is the real reality TV. And it's made truly perfect by the ever-brilliant narration from the god-like genius David Attenborough

For a taster, check out the show's video gallery. You can catch the full programme on BBC1 on Wednesday evenings, or on the BBC's iPlayer. The Nature's Great Events [DVD] is released on 16 March in the UK.

Truly brilliant television.

(Oh, and the image above is from Jason C Roberts, location manager from Episode 1 of the series: The Great Melt. Check out the full gallery of images.)
  • imogen hancock

    truly amazing!My kids would like to know if the dying lion cubs are saved by the film crew( assuming you have someone with you who knows what to do) and taken to a sanctuary?game reserve?? Or is there zero interference and they are left as nature intends to die??

  • Well, I’m afraid we didn’t make the show, so we can’t be sure. But I think there’s generally a policy of non-inteference with this sort of thing. You could drop a line to the BBC to find out, or to Owen Newman, the cameraman.

  • Agreed. This series has had me literally on the edge of my seat over the last few weeks. I’m liking very much the ‘bonus extras’ whereby they reveal some of energy that’s gone into producing these programmes…”Swallowed by a Whale” was breathtaking!