Nature’s Great Events


It's not often in life that you get to use the phrase 'awe-struck' with any kind of real meaning. But heck, Nature's Great Events, currently running on BBC1, seems to be determined to change that. Repeatedly.

The series is just mind-blowingly good. Every episode manages to show us something we've never seen before – be it beautiful, inspiring, heart-warming or tragic, this is the real reality TV. And it's made truly perfect by the ever-brilliant narration from the god-like genius David Attenborough

For a taster, check out the show's video gallery. You can catch the full programme on BBC1 on Wednesday evenings, or on the BBC's iPlayer. The Nature's Great Events [DVD] is released on 16 March in the UK.

Truly brilliant television.

(Oh, and the image above is from Jason C Roberts, location manager from Episode 1 of the series: The Great Melt. Check out the full gallery of images.)