Daniel Haskett


A while back we posted about the film Let the Right One In, and how we didn't think the posters did the movie justice.
Illustrator Daniel Haskett got in touch to show us the poster he's created inspired by the movie. Tasty eh?

Be good if more movie posters took a bit of a risk wouldn't it?

Perhaps arthouse cinemas could start commissioning their own posters, as a showcase of new talent? Or do any of them already do this?

  • Ian Shimkoviak

    Yeah, tasty. There are an increasing number of film posters that take a leap into the realm of great graphic design. I think a lot is defined by the film industry and a preceived expectation of what the target audience will respond to. Even thought the target audience will respond to just about anything these days.

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    Cinemas don’t always get a lot of notice before they play a film, which can severely limit promotions like poster designs or standees and displays.
    I used to work for a first run theatre, and we generally had less than a week to prep everything for our bookings.

  • Initial thoughts: too brown. Just too damn brown.

  • Excellent, and I agree so much with your idea that I’ve already been pushing Nashville’s Belcourt Theatre to do just this — they’ve printed a few of my posters so far and we hope to do more in the future… For my take on MY NEIGHBOR TOTORO, THE HUMAN CONDITION, HOUSE, SYNECDOCHE NEW YORK and more, check out flickr.com/samsmyth
    Thanks for posting!