Music to design to – the album


Heck, you lot are a diverse bunch.

Following on from our Music to Design to post, here's the Music to design to playlist on Spotify. We've selected (in a fairly haphazard way) some of the more popular tunes from the albums everyone's been recommending. We generally picked the first album mentioned in each case, though not all of them were available via Spotify. The running order is just set to the order the comments came in. We'll keep adding as long as people keep suggesting stuff.

9 Responses to “Music to design to – the album”

  1. Chris says:

    playlist not found on mine. which is a bummer.

  2. wemadethis says:

    Hmm. Seems like Spotify is a bit buggy – we’ve not tried this before. We’ll keep looking at it and see if it clears up.

  3. fosta says:

    hey hey hey! nice job. Would be nice to split this up by ‘designer genre’ .
    Industrial, interaction and print designers have diverse yet specific tastes in my experience. Good job though!

  4. Ick, It won’t start on mine, just says “playlist not found. It does the same on other shared playlists, so it’s probally Spotify bugs. Hope it starts working soon. :/

  5. humpff, Metallica didn’t make the grade then…

  6. ezra says:

    anybody got an invite?
    mrgono3 at gmail

  7. Patrick says:

    Three albums to design by. Three different types of music. Three different moods to get the designer’s mind going. Didn’t someone say that good things come in three’s. Well here’s my three. 1) artist: Tortoise, album: TNT; 2) artist: Gang Gang Dance, album: Saint Dymphna; 3) artist: Tommy Guerrero, album: Year of the Monkey

  8. Cathy says:

    it says you need an invite

  9. Lee says:

    Bummer. None of mine made the list.