Labuat ‘Soy tu aire’ interactive promo


'Kay, so we try not to re-post stuff we find on the web, but sometimes something truly great comes our way, and we just have to share.

Cast your mind back, and you might remember the rather tasty interactive video for Neon Bible by Arcade Fire. Well, here's something that outdoes it by a country mile. It's the promo for the single Soy tu aire (I'm your air) by recently formed Spanish band Labuat (they opened for Beyonce in Barcelona recently don'cha'know), and it's quite staggeringly beautiful. 

During the promo you paint the song, with your mouse moves determining the movement of a beautifully inked line. It's utterly beguiling, particularly as the speed of the line tracks the passion of the song. 

It was conceived and art directed by Herraiz Soto & Co, animated by Jossie Malis, with creative programming (we think we're translating that right) by Badabing!