We Made This shiny new website

So, the attentive amongst you may have noticed we’ve been more than a tad quiet of late, and this is why.

We’ve been tinkering around under the bonnet of We Made This, creating an entirely new site, built by the good folks at Position Absolute. It’s got a whole heap of our latest work on it, as well as an Archive section which we’ll be steadily filling up.

Here’s Tom from Position Absolute on some aspects of the build, which was all done in WordPress:

“We’re believers in web standards so we’ve taken care to mark up We Made This to give the content the semantic love it deserves. The main logo is an image, but turn off CSS (or take a look at the mark up) and you can see that behind it there’s an H1 tag, noting to SEO bots out there that this is the most important heading on the page. Subtitles are H2s and denote the title of their particular pages.”

We’ve decided to officially call this our Beta stage, so why not have a click around, and if you see anything that’s not behaving itself, drop us a line.

We’re still adding features to the blog one at a time so that we can make sure they work smoothly. We’ve also imported all our old blog’s content, but we’ll leave the old blog running as a dusty archive for a while yet. (If you do have any direct links to We Made This, it’d be great if you could update them to either our home page, or to our blog home page.)

If you’re a subscriber of our RSS feed, it should hopefully still be coming through loud and clear, but if not, do let us know!