Scenes from the Suburbs

This little piece of brilliance just popped up on the radar (via Kottke). It’s Spike Jonze’s haunting new promo for Arcade Fire’s single The Suburbs. The film is credited on You Tube as being ‘Taken from the short film: “Scenes From The Suburbs”‘, but that’s all the info that’s available, apart from the key crew list.

We love the band’s music, and they’re just going from strength to strength when it comes to creating beautiful and moving films to go with them (their previous single, We Used to Wait, features a fantastic online interactive video that uses Google maps to place the action in a setting where you grew up).


  • hey, alistair! this is marina speaking, one of your students from typography over at CSM’s graphics summer school. congratulations on the ministry of stories project! it looks absolutely beautiful and amazing. we can tell you had a blast and it shows in the work. kudos!

    i also ran across this beautiful piece of work from mr. jonze here at the blog and was immediately hit over the head with its beauty (and am proceeding to share it over on MY blog), so thanks for that.

    i hope all is well. take care!