Better Handwriting For You: Book 4

We picked up this little marvel at Present & Correct the other day (read our post about the shop), and figured we’d share the goodness.

The book was published by Noble & Noble in New York in 1971, with art and design by Tom Vroman. Larger images over on Alistair’s Flickr Ephemera set.

6 Responses to “Better Handwriting For You: Book 4”

  1. coxy says:

    Yes! I love this! I’m so going to print out a sheet of this and practice my joined-writing.

  2. Ryan says:

    Don’t nobody tell me nothin’. ‘Specially holdin’ my pencil.

  3. P&C says:

    Very nice, pleased I held onto one for myself now :-) Happy new year!

  4. shuhan says:

    that is simply lovely! thanks for sharing this. went to their website too, kind of regretting it because now I want everything. this book is top on my list though, I love everythign about it, the graphics, the text, the content!

  5. shuhan says:

    they don’t sell it anymore! ?


  6. Rita says:

    Makes me feel awful old because I think that was my 4th grade penmanship book. We had penmanship EVERY DAY for 15 minutes! And wrote on lined and dotted paper. But, I still have beautiful penmanship that can be read!