Noma Bar + Wallpaper*

Noma Bar. He’s a bit clever isn’t he?

He’s just created a series of eight covers for the latest issue of Wallpaper* magazine, and they’re stunners. The covers relate to eight design hubs: Germany, USA, France, Italy, Spain, Japan, Belgium and Scandinavia.¬†Known for his witty and economical use of positive and negative space, for Wallpaper Bar has moved into the physical world, creating painted room sets in which products and furniture become part of the illustrations (Nouvel chairs for France, a Sch√∂nbuch umbrella stand for Germany, and a Babaghuri ink box for Japan).

Great stuff. And they’re available as posters and limited-edition prints (of course) from Wallpaper.

  • Petra

    well nice, I like it

  • Mariya

    Absolutely brilliant! I’m really in love with editorial design and especially love playing with shapes and structures to create pieces of art. So I guess this is a pretty perfect combination of the two. It actually took me a second to realize that the objects were in fact making specific pictures. I was too enthralled with the colors and strange combinations of objects. You’re absolutely right, his use of negative and positive space makes it interesting even for those that can not catch the subtle yet obvious visuals Noma Bar is creating. This post actually reminds me of a series of photographs I stumbled upon some time ago of Sue Websters and Tim Nobles garbage projections. They took piles of trash and arranged them so that when a light source was added and properly positioned an intricate shadow image would be projected onto the wall. Absolutely breath taking. Here’s a link to their gallery :