British Isles Map

So this is rather lovely – a map of the British Isles created out of text that relates to its geographical location – so the Isle of Wight is illustrated with the word 1970, for the epic festival that occurred there in that year.

It’s by Angus McArthur & Alison Hardcastle, and you can pick it up from Theo.

  • Patrick

    Whilst I think your map is great and clever… tis a shame they had to include Ireland as part of the British Isles …because it isn’t.

  • wemadethis

    Patrick, I think it is, isn’t it? Great Britain is England, Wales and Scotland; the United Kingdom (of Great Britain and Northern Ireland) adds in, well, Northern Ireland; and the British Isles adds in the Republic of Ireland, as well as the Isle of Man, and Jersey and Guernsey.

  • Peter

    OOOOOOooooo zing

  • dave

    “British Isles” offends me as an Irishman. Ireland as an entity isn’t “British”. Ireland was once (not of its own choice) part of the British Empire. It is no longer. Britain and Ireland is the best geographical term in my view.

    That said, I love the design. It’s really well done!

  • Ken

    yes ireland is part of the british isles and that’s a very nice map

  • David

    Patrick – Try to distinguish between a geographical term and a political one. The “British Isles” just refers to a group of islands. It doesn’t mean Ireland is British.

    You know the way Canada is in North America?

  • A lot of Irish people get pissed off whenever Ireland is referred to as part of the British Isles. I’m Irish myself but don’t really agree with this. It’s a geographical term that has no bearing on the sovereignty of the Irish nation. Rather like the fact that Canada is part of the continent of North America isn’t implying that it is part of the US, or the fact that we have the Irish Sea doesn’t mean it is owned by Ireland.
    That’s my two cents anyway

  • Guill

    Many Irish find the term grossly offensive, aside from being inaccurate. Part of the Good Friday agreement included an agreement from the British Government that they would not use this title in official documents.

    The map is, however, really impressive.

  • Quint

    Patrick, I’m Irish and British Isles is the correct geographical term for the islands. The reply from We Made This is spot on.

  • Ben

    Ireland is part of the British Isles, but it’s not part of Great Britain (that’s the larger island with the queen on it). It’s called Great Britain not because it’s fantastic (that’s just coincidental), but because it’s the biggest island in the British Isles.

  • Frank

    Actually, the term “British Isles” is defunct since 1922. However, laziness by Irish people and a still existing sense of colonialism by Britsh Map makers allows people to fall into this idea that we are part of anything British. Have we no pride or intelligence?

  • Holmeson

    Looks like they should produce a second version of the map where everything south of Belfast just reads “Whiny Butthurt”.

  • Although I tend to side with the Irish on this, I doon’t really want to get sucked in, but can’t help it.

    It’s called Great Britain not because it’s fantastic (that’s just coincidental), but because it’s the biggest island in the British Isles.
    believe it was to distinguish between the island of Britain and Brittany, which was referred to as Little Britain (waaaaay before the TV series I might add!)

  • Jessica

    The official term is The British Isles and Ireland. Fact.

  • Jessica

    P.s. great picture!

  • Mattm

    Orkney does good fudge, whisky and standing stones.

    Just sayin’…

  • Nicola

    There always has to be someone pissing on a parade doesn’t there… Can’t just say its good. I think its bloody marvelous