Apple’s faux-leather grimness

Dear Apple, please can you stop designing your interfaces with these faux-leather effects? They’re horrible.

Find My Friends (top) is Apple’s new stalker app on iOS 5, and its first iteration seems really clumsy – which is peculiar, given that companies like Loopt have already shown how you can do the same thing properly.

iCal is the native calendar app on Macs and other Apple devices – it used to be clean and functional, but they’ve messed with it for iOS 5 and Mac OS Lion, so that it now works less well.

And that faux-leather menu bar nonsense… eurghh.

Apple – please stop it.

  • The leather stuff plus is horrid, but it’s found-in-a-skip bookshelves they use for Newsstand and iBooks that really get me. If you’re going to replicate real-world stuff, why not copy some Vitsoe shelves? It’s not as if they haven’t borrowed from Rams in the past!

    Plus, it it just me, or do you find it weird that two default apps are represented by compasses?

    • wemadethis

      Yes! The shelves are horrible! What on earth were they thinking?

  • It’s this whole hang up with visual metaphors that Apple needs to move on from. From what I understand they’re hang overs from when they thought all their icons would become resolution independent and be able to move within a 3D interface, minority report stylee. I reckon it’s the marketing bods that have kept them in all these years cause ‘people understand them’. Phooey.

  • Lovisa

    Yes, thank you! I was expecting something more clean and elegant from a company that usually value good looking designs. It’s a rare occasion when faux-leather looks good on anything and it’s a pity that Apple hasn’t come to understand that yet.

  • As if leather binding is what makes a calendar, and turning a page is what makes a book! Completely out of focus.

  • Thank you lord for writing this I was beginning to think that I was the only person in the world who’s watching apples OS turn into some kind of texture based parody with real distain. Didn’t we already try this visual treatment in the early 00’s and watch all thoose clumsy metaphors almost kill the net?