Salt made from Tears

The latest product range from Hoxton Street Monster Supplies, Salt made from Tears, has just launched.

The salt is collected from humans experiencing a range of emotions, and in various situations. You can pick up salt made from: tears of sorrow, tears shed while sneezing, tears shed while chopping onions, tears of laughter, and tears of anger. Each has a distinctly different flavour – salt made from tears of sorrow has a delicate lavender flavour, perfect for seasoning limbs and organs.

The salts are produced by the fine folk at Halen Mon, and are the brilliant idea of the lovely people at Studio Weave, with additional design by We Made This. You can buy them in the Hoxton Street Monster Supplies shop, or from their online store, either individually, or as the full range.

(And heck, the style press are even taking an interest…)


The Salt has been getting good press all over the place, including: Gizmodo, Channel 5’s The Wright Stuff, The Independent, the Daily Mail, Uncrate, and the Huffington Post.

  • This.Is.Genius. Fact.

  • our brillant idea…

    our brillant idea…

    Please take a look at my artwork

    I await your response


    • wemadethis

      Ah, thanks for letting us see your lovely work Cat! Love the crocodile tears!

  • Lou

    Wonder if Mohammad Rasoulof’s film The White Meadows has been an inspiration..

    • wemadethis

      Hey there Lou – not heard of that movie, but had a quick look at its Wikipedia entry, looks great. I’ll mention it to the team. Cheers!

  • Gerdien

    I love the idea but I’am also annoyed because it must be a plain lie. Can you just put anything on a bottle? Normally it has to be true, not? You tell the story quite convincing so it’s not so obvious at first that it is a joke.

    • wemadethis

      Ah, well, I do hope we haven’t annoyed you too much Gerdien. The bottles do indeed contain a range of salts – we list the specifics on the base of the bottle – though I do feel we should confess, you’re right, they’re not actually made from real human tears. I guess we hope that people buying products in a shop for monsters are going to be able to use just a little bit of imagination…