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Clearcast are the clearance service for the TV advertising industry – they review TV commercials at the script stage, checking that they conform to the UK Code of Broadcast Advertising. That way, before production begins, advertisers can make sure their ads aren’t harmful, misleading or offensive. I’ve been working with them since 2010, initially adapting an existing identity to create a full suite of stationery and marketing materials, including this guide for the various businesses with whom they work.


I also designed a seasonal newsletter for them, which works both on-screen as a downloadable .pdf, and as an A5 printed piece.


I designed an Employee Handbook, which guides new staff members through all the ins and outs of working at Clearcast.


I also created a training pack which carries a selection of tabbed inserts.


I’ve also designed invitations and venue graphics for their annual parties, including this invitation and drinks voucher for an Alice in Wonderland themed party.


For a later party I designed an eye-catching backdrop to celebrate the milestone of 60 years of commercial television. I looked through the archives of the most popular TV adverts, and pulled together a selection of the best bits from the scripts. I then created a huge typographic banner, designed to fit onto a glass partition in the venue’s main room. The selection features: CinzanoGibbs S. R. Toothpaste (the first advert on UK television, in 1955), Sugarpuffs, Renault ClioGuinnessBoddingtons, Compare the Market, British Telecom, Um BongoR. White’s Lemonade, Heineken, Budweiser, Yellow Pages and Birdseye Steakhouse Grills.


‘Alistair has been our go-to design guy for almost 10 years now and that should give you a clue as to how we feel about the work and the relationship! He’s usually one step ahead of us, knowing what we’d like and what would fit best for our clients. He’s tremendously talented, brilliantly organised and his calm confidence is always reassuring. Plus, he reminds us all of Tom Ford, which is obviously a bonus.’
Ellie, Communications Executive, Clearcast