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Good Innovation – New ways to grow income

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Good Innovation

Good Innovation is a rather brilliant company which helps charities to find new ways of creating funding, using an entrepreneurial mindset. As part of this they ran a three year project “with a simple but radical mission: to discover new ways to bring money into charities.”

To do this, they set up Good Lab, working with a group of 12 major charities – looking at how they could create new revenue streams for them.



“Good Lab was designed to be a place for experimentation. A place for finding new business models, new ways for people to give, unlocking new audiences that traditional fundraising products don’t work for. A place to attract people who wouldn’t fit within a charity. A place for charities to share the risk of trying new things. A place to try, fail, learn, change and succeed.”

Good Innovation asked me to design a report for them, documenting Good Lab’s three years of experimentation, innovation, challenges and successes. To be published both as an online site, a printed document, and a downloadable pdf.


The website was designed using the Shorthand platform, which allows you to create long-form stories quickly and easily. The site isn’t currently publicly available, so here are a few screenshots from desktop and mobile: