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His Words, Our Play

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Shakespeare Schools Foundation

The Shakespeare Schools Festival (run by the Shakespeare Schools Foundation) is the UK’s largest youth drama festival, offering students from all backgrounds the opportunity to perform Shakespeare on their local professional stage. Which is brilliant. The foundation that runs the festival asked me to create a promotional pack of exercise cards to send out to schools, ‘to challenge, support and inspire teachers to inject some SSF style creativity into their classrooms’. I created a buckram-lined box with 24 foil-blocked cards. The pack came in four sections, so I used a separate colour foil for each section. The exercises each featured quotes from Shakespeare’s plays. I knew these could look fantastic lining the walls of a classroom, so I set them in bold, engaging lettering on the fronts of the cards, with the exercises on the reverse.

His Words_0015_Box
His Words_0014_Box open
His Words_0013_Grey cards
His Words_0012_Tempest
His Words_0011_Twelfth night
His Words_0010_As you like it
His Words_0009_Hamlet
His Words_0008_Henry V
His Words_0006_Tempest 2
His Words_0005_Midsummer 2
His Words_0004_Merchant
His Words_0003_Macbeth
His Words_0002_Henry Vth
His Words_0001_Romeo
His Words_0000_Iambic

‘They are beautiful! Thank you so much, I couldn’t be more pleased.’
Maddie, Shakespeare Schools Foundation