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Jeremy Tankard Typography

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Jeremy Tankard Typography

Jeremy Tankard Typography, a type design studio in Cambridge, has been producing award-winning typefaces since 1998. Having worked on the sample book for Jeremy’s brilliant De Worde typeface, he came to me after complete redesign of his website, and asked me to create some promotional materials for the site’s launch.

I designed an insert for Creative Review magazine, as well as a series of adverts to go in other magazines.

For the Creative Review insert, I realised that the foundry’s 16 core typefaces would fit rather neatly onto an A2 poster, which could then fold down to an A6 size leaflet. I worked with Fenner Paper and Push Print to work out exactly the best paper to use (the wonderful 60gsm Offenbach Bible paper), and exactly the right folding style to avoid unsightly creasing. I also wrote the copy for the piece – open and engaging, while relevant to the particular styles of the studio’s typefaces.

The following pictures show how it unfolds from a small leaflet into a large poster.


Here’s one of the press ads I designed as an announcement for the new site:


I also created a business card sized booklet featuring samples of all the Jeremy Tankard typefaces, set as a fold out concertina. The cover for the booklet, printed by Benwells, is made from a rubberised GF Smith card, Plike, and foil-blocked in a matt white foil. The text pages, printed by Jigsaw Colour onto Munken Pure Rough Cream.


Each panel of the concertina features a different type family, shown in a couple of settings, highlighting key features from the typeface. The layout nods backwards to classic type specimens from the 19th century, such as those by Edmund Fry and Vincent Figgins.


For the reverse side, I designed a simple grid to showcase the full variety of widths, weights and styles available for each type family.


I designed a bespoke Colorplan envelope to package the booklet, again foil-blocked in matt white foil.


‘A fantastic use of language, colour and texture, mixed with a keen eye for detail and aesthetic quality; what more could one want!’
Jeremy Tankard