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LCC Climate Safe Streets: One Year On

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London Cycling Campaign

The climate crisis is forcing cities to re-examine the way their citizens get around. Ahead of the Mayoral election in 2020, London Cycling Campaign, which campaigns to make cycling safer and more enjoyable in the capital, published a report – Climate Safe Streets. The report made the case for decarbonising London’s roads by 2030, and looked at how that could be achieved, identifying eight key policy areas where action was needed.

In 2021 they published a follow-up report, which looked at how Covid-19 had impacted London’s transport system, and what the way forward for Climate Safe Streets was now.

They asked me to design the new report, keeping the structure of the original, but with a new visual direction, which showed that this was ‘Decision Time’ for the city. I created a set of road signs that showed the different destinations we could choose to head for, and rolled these out across the report and social media materials. I also photographed a cyclist in a local park for one of the spreads, capturing the feel of a greener, cleaner city.