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LCC Dangerous Junctions campaign

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Branding | Print

London Cycling Campaign

Cycling in London has improved vastly over the past few years, but at the larger traffic junctions it can still feel like you’re taking your life in your hands, simply because the infrastructure hasn’t been designed with cyclists in mind.

The London Cycling Campaign (LCC) wanted to raise funds for campaigning work to build awareness of the dangers of specific junctions around the city, amongst the public, councils and decision makers. They asked me to put together an identity and materials for a Dangerous Junctions fundraising campaign.

I created a central campaign image using a bespoke hazard warning tape. I used this on the cover of a campaign leaflet to represent a junction and, obliquely, a crucifix. Then I rolled the campaign out to online ads and an advert in the LCC magazine.


I thought it would also be great to have some real rolls of the tape made up, to physically highlight dangerous junctions around the city, and to then use for campaign photography. We spent a great morning cycling around town, festooning various dangerous junctions with Dangerous Junction warning tape.


The campaign quickly raised a third more than anticipated, and fundraising continues. Donate here.