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London Cycling Campaign brand refresh

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London Cycling Campaign

London Cycling Campaign is a fantastic member-based charity which works to make cycling in London safe and enjoyable for everyone. Set up in 1978, it’s one of the largest cycling organsiations in the world, with over 11,000 members, and 33 local groups across the city.

Ahead of implementing a new website, they asked me to refresh their identity – keeping their existing logo, but updating it into a single colour version that would work across all online iterations, and which would appeal to a wider set of people. Making the identity work for people who cycle (or might cycle), rather than just dedicated cyclists.

I did a full audit of LCC’s visual materials, printed and online, and looked at identities for similar organistions in the UK and worldwide. The existing LCC logo (below) was very popular with members, but there was room to update it typographically to make it work better at small sizes.


I reset the organisation name, using small caps for the smaller word ‘Campaign’, which created a more even line weight across the logo. I also proposed a new typeface, with rounded ends, in harmony with the circular forms of the logomark. I created various formats of the logo, with the roundel gradually becoming the one that is used most.


We then rolled out the identity across the new website (designed by Studio Republic), presentation templates, stationery, banners, T-Shirts, cycling tops and more.


I also created a suite of logos for all 33 local groups, each in horizontal, vertical and round formats.


I also went on to design a new membership pack, and continue to design materials for campaigns like London Loves Cycling, and programmes like Cycle Buddies.