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MyCake is a boutique financial benchmarking company which offers data-driven insights and advice to third sector organisations. Sarah, the founder, approached me to do a full brand review, to clarify the way they talk about what they do, to redesign her company’s identity, and to design and build them a new website.

The company had started out giving financial advice to small creative businesses, but had gradually evolved to work with larger organisations in the charity sector, offering financial benchmarking. My task was to create an identity and website that reflected this new offer and audience, while still holding true to the company’s origins.

MyCake cuts through the layers of financial information that make up businesses, and then offers those layers of information (and the insights derived from them) to their clients. So I created a logo which suggests layered information – a cake, but an abstracted one, the information version of a cake (with a subtle nod to a pie-chart). I paired the logo with elegant sans serif lettering for the company name, with a classic serif typeface for the rest of the identity.


After discussions with Sarah, we decided to build the site on the Squarespace platform. That kept costs low, provided responsive layouts that worked as well on mobile devices as on desktop, and a back-end that was easy for Sarah and her colleagues to use. It also offered a handy mailing list function.


As the site was being designed and built in a time of lockdowns and social distancing, when the MyCake team couldn’t get together for a staff photo, I suggested a creative solution:


That feathered theme continues with the photographic background to the newsletter, which features parakeet feathers collected by Sarah on her daily walks.


MyCake also has a data crunching website for its clients, Prime Numbers. I designed a new identity for this too, noticing that the word had two prime numbers secreted within it.