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My sister Kirsty runs a fantastic social media consultancy, Rebuildagram, which helps businesses in the homes and gardens sector to really get their Instagram feeds to work for them. Kirsty offers one-to-one coaching, workshops and overall strategy, and is a real expert in her field.

She needed an identity for her business, as well as a website.

I used the Groove cut of Jim Ford’s lovely Masqualero typeface for the logotype – the internal spaces of the lined letters have a wonderfully organic structure to them, which feels just right for Rebuildagram’s gardening and interiors focus. This is matched with the warm and open feel of Brandon Grotesque as a main typeface, and with a calm, elegant, natural colour palette.

We discussed various options for the site, and landed on Squarespace as a platform, as it was cost-effective with a relatively easy to use back-end, which meant Kirsty could update it frequently, and use it for sending out newsletters too.

A brilliant set of informal portraits by Fiona Caroline ties the whole lot together.