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Wynkyn de Worde Society Members Handbook

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Wynkyn de Worde Society

Founded in 1957, the Wynkyn de Worde Society is ‘dedicated to excellence in all forms of printing’. Each year they ask a different member to be their Honorary Designer, and to create a Members’ Handbook, as well as a range of other materials for the society’s various events.

It was my turn in 2015, and I started with the handbook (you can see the rest of my work for the society here). Given the society’s remit, it needed to be something beautiful and functional, while not costing too much to produce. It also needed to be fairly small to avoid large postage costs.

I put together this A6 booklet, with a utilitarian letterpress printed cover, red endpapers, and carefully typeset text pages. I used just two inks, and employed ‘printers fists’ as graphic devices to prevent it all feeling too dry.


‘You’ve made it a cracker… sturdy, elegant, a pleasure to handle and to use. So good that it must influence the way we think about ourselves.’
Wynkyn de Worde Society member