Joe Dunthorne on Le Gun

~ While Alistair is away cycling the length of Great Britain, we’ve invited twenty disgustingly talented people to each write a post for our blog. Today’s post is from the wonderful writer Joe Dunthorne – his award-winning novel Submarine was recently made into a fantastic movie, and his new novel Wild Abandon has just been published. ~

I’m a fan of the East London art collective, Le Gun. I’m always impressed by the way that, despite using the work of many different artists and illustrators, they manage to keep a unified tone. Their tone is morbid but witty, like the grim reaper wearing clogs.

Here’s an amazing stain-glass window by one of the collective, Neal Fox, of J.G.Ballard:

And here’s an illustration by Zoe Taylor called Swimmer:

In fact, it was at one of Le Gun’s shows that, for the first time in my life, I decided to pay actual money to own some original art. I’m glad I did. I bought this lovely illustration by Zoe Taylor:

And I bought this, upside down cat, who now watches over all who enter my lounge. Like some great, heartless, hungry, Egyptian God, she silently judges us while we eat dinner:


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