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Branding | Print


We’ve been working with specialist print company Benwells for over seven years, and really value their knowledge and expertise. They’re the go-to guys for embossing and foil-blocking, with decades of experience and a fantastic eye for detail; and they’re also pretty damn hot when it comes to traditional litho printing. So we were deeply honoured when they asked us to create a new identity for them: partly to bring them up to date, and partly because they were shortening their name from the previous ‘Benwell Sebard’.

By way of research, we spent a few days loitering around their factory floor, taking as many reference shots as possible, and generally getting in the way.


We figured that it would be great if their stationery and printed collateral could feature all three of their specialisms: embossing, foil-blocking and printing. So, based on our research shots, we created a blind-embossed logo-mark (using the same die-making equipment that is used for braille) and a foil-blocked tagline; both of which are then complemented by printed elements of the identity, such as this sample box.


More recently, we created a promotional postcard pack for them, which you can read about over here.