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Hoxton Street Monster Supplies Letter Writing Packs

At the end of 2018, Hoxton Street Monster Supplies opened a postal counter in its Hoxton shop, allowing young humans visiting the shop to write to monsters around the world. That service has recently been developed into a product – the Letter Writing Packs. Each pack allows you to write to one of five monsters, and then get a personal reply from them.

Each pack comes in a suitably funereal black box – and you can choose to write to a Vampire, Dragon, Gremlin, Werewolf or Yeti.


Each pack has an original letter from your chosen monster, a set of instructions, two reply sheets, a branded pencil, a couple of sheets of stickers, and a pre-paid reply envelope.


Each monster has a different sort of paper on which they write. Vlad the Vampire has a rather smart printed letterhead, featuring a decidedly fang-like monogram.


Elgorn, a dragon, writes on a sheet of letterhead from her school, Stoney Hill High.


Red, a werewolf, has some quite smart personalised paper.


Some monsters aren’t quite so privileged, and have to make do with what they can get their hands on. Pudding the Gremlin lives in a wardrobe, and uses paper from a dry cleaners in Salisbury.


Himani the Yeti makes do with a section of an old map of Nepal.


All the monsters’ wonderful signatures were hand-drawn by freelance lettering artist Carol Kemp.

As well as the letter, the packs also include a couple of reply sheets, a pencil (made from recycled newspapers), and a couple of sheets of stickers which can be used to decorate they young writers’ reply envelopes.