Alistair Hall, on the road…

Morning, Alistair here, posting from Chester, where we’ve got a day’s break during our ride.

The journey is going fantastically well so far – we’ve covered about 450 miles in the past week, including the stunning, and stunningly hilly, Cornish coast; some beautiful parts of Devon and Somerset; the Exe Valley; the Wye Valley (we’re now holding out for a Zed Valley); and a host of other splendours.

I hope you’ve been enjoying the guest posts while we’re away – they’re ace aren’t they? And there’s loads more to come too.

If you have been enjoying them, then perhaps you’d care to tip along to our fundraising page, and donate a little of your hard-earned.

See you soon.

  • David Pearson

    A birthday day off, no less!
    I hope you’re having a lovely one.