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The Ride Journal – Issue 6

The latest issue of The Ride Journal (#6) has just launched, and as always it’s full of a fantastic mix of words, illustrations, and photography about all forms of cycling goodness. (More full than normal in fact, as this is their largest issue to date.)

This issue also includes a piece written and photographed by Alistair all about his ride from Land’s End to John o’ Groats.

You can pick it up from their site, and there’s also a list of stockists over there too.

Laura Dockrill: Over I

~ While Alistair is away cycling the length of Great Britain, we’ve invited twenty disgustingly talented people to each write a post for our blog. To end the series, today’s post is a poem from the particularly fabulous Laura Dockrill. ~

Over I Over I
The hole in the ceiling
Gasping at me
Gazing at me
Crazy for me
A spy in the sky
When I look up high
Over I Over I
Like an eye into my mind
What do you see in my mind?
When you look into my mind
As nimble as the head of a pin
Or a binocular lens
Lazy eyes on me
Gone goggling at me
Gone goggling at me
Now laughing at me
There’s a needle in the ceiling
What you seeing?
There’s a needle in the ceiling
What you seeing?
Through that needle in the ceiling what you seeing
And the clanging of noises
Makes me hear all these voices
Over I Over
I hear all these noises
Gone cut my lights out
Go on cut my lights out
Start making me do things
Start making my choices
Now that tiny black hole does rot
In my eye a knot
In my mind a knot
Cannot follow a jot
I’m not following you but
That peeping tom
Gone voyaging on me
Follow me follow me
Now clamp down on me
Harness me harness me
Judder my
Vice but don’t give me advice
And ignite me
Don’t blind me
Over I Over I
Over I Over I
There’s a needle in my ceiling
What you seeing?
There’s a needle in my ceiling
And it’s breathing.


~ Alistair is raising money for Cancer Research UK during his ride – please wander over to his Just Giving page and donate a little cash. ~

D&AD Writing For Design award

So, we’re feeling particularly chuffed this morning, as our work for Hoxton Street Monster Supplies has been nominated for a D&AD award, in their Writing for Design section.

Hoxton Street Monster Supplies is the fantastical shop front which hides the Ministry of Stories, a brilliant writing workshop for kids in east London, inspired by the 826 programme in the USA. We were lucky to work with a great team of writers on the project, as well having contributions from a whole host of volunteers. Here are some pictures from the shop:

The shop sells a full range of supplies for monsters. Here’s a tin from the shop’s range of Tinned Fear – for monsters who need a little extra help when they’re trying to terrify people:

Each tin of fear comes with clear instructions for use:

The shop also stocks a range of food for monsters, including a range of Human Preserves, of which these are the best-sellers:

We’re nominated alongside two other great bits of writing for design, and feel honoured to be in such fine company. Australian designer Christopher Doyle put together this lovely self-promotional piece called This Year I Will Try Not To, in collaboration with Elliott Scott.

And The Chase put together the 1,000 words project promotional campaign for photographer Paul Thompson. They created a series of posters and postcards where Thompson’s photographs are replaced with words. The copy was written by Ben Casey and Lionel Hatch at The Chase, and by Nick Asbury from Asbury & Asbury and Jim Davies from Total Content. Here’s Davies’ piece, from one of Thompson’s shots of a park bench:

Lovely stuff. The awards will be announced at a ceremony on 16 June.