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We Made This Christmas Gift Guide 2012

It's been a while since we've done this, but it felt like time we did it again, so we've put together a little list of some bits and bobs that would make for good Christmas presents for the design-inclined. We've taken a brief stroll through all the stuff we've posted about this year, and picked out some choice things from there that you can buy; and then we've also added in some other good bits. Perfect for forwarding to flumoxed relatives who might otherwise be tempted to get you a Christmas-print one piece.

Back in January we mentioned Howard Hardiman's fantastic graphic story The Lengths - you can get the complete set now for just £20. Probably the best story you'll read about a canine rent boy this year.

In March we mentioned that Alistair had put together some words and pictures for Issue 6 of the Ride Journal, detailing his cycle ride from Land's End to John o' Groats. It's a lovely magazine, and a steal at £10.50.

Our friends over at Herb Lester have kept us supplied all year with their wonderful maps, and recently sent us a batch of their brilliant Luggage Tags - just £3.50 for a set, perfect for chucking in a stocking.

Back in March we reviewed the V&A's extensive exhibition, British Design from 1948. If you didn't get a chance to catch the show, why not check out the catalogue, available for £25.

Of course, if you're talking about classics of British design, you can't not mention Penguin books. And if you've got a lot of Penguin books, you can't just put them anywhere. How about a Penguin Donkey ii - Ernest Race's 1963 update of the original 1939 Penguin Donkey bookcase, from the brilliant Objects of Use?

Sticking with books, back in May we posted about GraphicDesign&'s first publication Page1: Great Expectations. (We saw a tweet from them the other day that said they only had a very few left, so don't dilly dally.)

Our friends over at Present & Correct can always be relied on for brilliant presents. We're currently loving their Midori Brass Bookmark Stencils (£13.50), and their Vintage Geometry Blocks (£34.50).

In June (it was raining even then wasn't it...) we made our way back over to the fantastic Thomas Heatherwick exhibition at the V&A: you can pick up the Thames & Hudson Thomas Heatherwick: Making book for less than £30 on Amazon.

For those of you looking to cover up some blank wall space, how about Andy Altmann's Beckett print from Editions of 100 (£65), or perhaps a Wake Up and Dream letterpress print from A Two Pipe Problem (£32)?

If you're into typography, it's a fair bet that you're into old signs and lettering - so perhaps some individual letters from old signs, courtesy of The Vintage Wall (prices vary)?

Of course, if you've been reading our blog in even the most cursory way, you can't fail to have been irritated by our constant mentions of our work with Hoxton Street Monster Supplies. In fact, it was only earlier this month that we wrote about the brilliant new necklaces produced for the shop by Tatty Devine, including the marvellous Uurghhh Necklace (£35) - which would be perfect neckwear on Boxing Day for several people we know.

If you'd rather pick out your own presents, then you can't do better than a trip to one of the Ephemera Society Fairs - handily, the next one is this Sunday, 2 December - and is the perfect place to pick up some old bits of printed matter.

Membership of the Ephemera Society is also just £25, and includes subscription to their wonderful quarterly journal, The Ephemerist.

And while we're talking about memberships, how about becoming a Friend of St Bride Library - the world's best printing and graphics art library? Just £35 helps support the library, gets you discounted tickets to events, and also gets you a couple of copies of their fantastic Ultrabold journal.

If none of that has done the trick, well, perhaps you're in the mood for a Disappointments Diary, from Asbury & Asbury - a truly miserable week-to-view diary full of disappointing twists.

A happy Christmas to one and all.

posted: 27 November 2012
categories: Shop
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